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Looking for Abstract Expressionist in the City

If you love visual arts, you must be looking for paintings. A lot of artists would exhibit their outputs to please people. If you want to see new attractions in the name of visual arts, you better find an abstract expressionist. You better meet Mishcka O’Connor in one of her exhibits. Before meeting her, you better visit her official website to see what she can offer. For sure, you will also get the chance to read her own statement as an artist. You want to meet someone who is a realist but also ventures into creating abstract expressionist art.

If you browse the page, you will know that she focuses much on acrylic. Since she is tired in painting things on the surface, what she likes to do now is to express her sense of art on a deeper scale. You will be excited to know what she shares about Josh Goldberg. That master of the arts must have been a perfect partner for her because he provided her with some technics that will make her improve a lot in her course of work. Truly, painting is process. As an artist, it is important that you can impact people once they view your work of art. If ever you transmit the message of your visuals to them and push them to do positive actions, then you become successful as an expressionist.

If you will meet Mishcka in person, you will surely love the mystery on her. She might be able to show to you a series of her crafts, but you will soon come to realize that there is something special in each of those pieces. Mishcka is gifted with sense of authenticity which is found in her paintings. In fact, you will be surprised by the subjects being depicted in the paintings. Those paintings depict truth. Mishcka herself is amused that there are certain truths being revealed by her paintings which she does not know.

Aside from Josh Goldberg, she is also proud that she is influenced by other expressionists such as Arthur Dove, Odilon Redon, and Howard Hodgkin. She is also fond of listening to The Seven Thunderbolt Phrases, a popular ancient Buddhist song. In that song, she is struck by the line that says the phenomenal universe is reflected as fringe of wonderful experiences. If you want to know about her, just contact her through her hotline number or send her an e-mail.

Her official website also provides images of her works of art. Those are available in various sizes and dimensions. You may also find information about seed syllables, paintings on paper, the Thunderbolt Song, and emerging world. She also gives emphases on Josh Goldberg and how that person influenced her to love abstract expressionism. If you want to contact her through mail, you must provide the basic information such as name, phone number, electronic mail address, and your message. You need to send a detailed message so that she will understand your intention of contacting her.

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