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What Are The Benefits Of Using Liquid Fertilizers?
Fertilizers are a major and important input in crop production and therefore, they (play a role in meeting human food requirements across the globe. Proper application is therefore necessary if farmers are to increase produce in their farms. However, it is essential that you use the best fertilizers. The best thing is that when you use the best quality and the best application methods as well, you will increase productivity without doubt. As it is there are so many fertilizers available in the market and have different uses. In this article, we consider liquid fertilizers and their benefits in the farm. Below are the major reasons why it is best to use liquid fertilizers.
For one, with liquid fertilizers, it is quite easy to achieve uniform application on the farm. Solid fertilizers may make it difficult to achieve uniformity while applying on the farm. This is because they can be dropped anywhere and the fields may be supplied in a way that is not uniform. With liquid fertilizers on the other hand, the liquid fertilizers are such that one can apply uniformly in all parts of the farm as desired. As well, once applied, the fertilizer can spread even more uniformly to achieve better results.
The liquid fertilizers after application tend to work better and faster. This means that you are going to achieve the desired results with crop production. The reason for this is that once you have applied the fertilizer, it is able to dissolve in the soil immediately. In other words, the nutrients are available for the plants or crops almost immediately after application. The fertilizers can therefore be used for quick growing foods as they will have the proper or required nutrients early enough, beginning with root formation, all the way to maturity.
Additionally, there is less nutrient loss with the use of liquid fertilizers. With granulated fertilizers, loss can be up to even 40%. This is because at times, not all the fertilizer dissolves in the soil in the right time. As well, some of the granules could be scattered all over. With liquid fertilizers, once they have dissolved in the soil, there will be no loss. If anything the loss is usually less than 10%. This is yet another reason for choosing liquid fertilizers. S
Even more, liquid fertilizers come with ease of handling. These fertilizers will not require the handling of heavy machinery or equipment during application. If anything, one can use the irrigation system for application. This makes it easy to supply the fertilizer in the right concentration. As well, you are bale to keep yourself and your employees safe from effects of dust that may be related to use of other fertilizer formulations.
The sealed containers containing the fertilizers make it easy for the storage process. You are going to experience fewer challenges with storage since you are going to make use of less space and the fertilizer is not so sensitive to environmental changes and factors.
If you need liquid fertilizers, contact us today and understand how best to use them to enhance and increase crop production.

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